‘Calm’ arrives subtly and often surprisingly at The Cooper's Inn B&B.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia's Cooper's Inn is 'where history meets hospitality'.

Through the season, as weather generally permits, your daily Garden Social Hour between 5 and 6PM is a catalyst for meetings of minds and local lore and history. Making connections are a frequent surprise and treat.


A quaint Registered Historic property, the Inn houses 8 simple and comfortable accommodations with ensuite baths, private entries, TV, Free Wifi and Free off-street parking. Add amazing traditional  selections from our extensive Breakfast Menu and your day begins. Virtually any appetite or dietary need will feel right and at home.

The location in the heart of Shelburne's  Historic District is walk-ably close to local eateries and 3 Museums. The unique appeal is enhanced by the number of original pre --1800 wood structures in Shelburne. It is said there are more than any other town in Canada and arguably the USA. Could time travel be any easier?

Each Guest Room has a view of Shelburne Harbour. The Shelburne, Nova Scotia Harbour is reputed to be the 3rd best natural harbour in the world.

Shelburne Harbour is consistently deep, large and sheltered. The Inn is located a full 16 kilometers, yes,10 miles from the open Atlantic. Shelburne NS Weather is at the heart of a localized micro climate with more sun, rare fog and milder averaged weather conditions than virtually any other Nova Scotia location. Yes, some do call it the banana belt.

You'll feel more at home than you may ever have guessed. Signature touches at the Inn see to that...like a cuddly 'Cooper' teddy bear... you'll have the opportunity to take one home. 'Cooper' is a treasured family Memory you'll cherish for years to come.

Life beyond the ordinary. It's waiting for you in Shelburne, Nova Scotia at The Coopers Inn.

There's so much to explore. Life beyond the ordinary is closer than you think.

Your visit to Shelburne and Region will amaze. Rarely do small rural regions offer so much to See and Do.

Discover our new and re-imagined Getaway Packages. Experience life beyond the ordinary with our two day and longer Getaways. Yes, it's where history meets hospitality.


Join us at The Cooper's Inn, Shelburne's finest...and Let the Games Begin.

Dining experiences for Cooper's Inn Guests are a feast for your eyes and appetites.


"Try to arrange a Dinner at the Inn - your hosts have an arrangement with a brilliant culinary team who provide an exceptional dining experience but only by prior arrangement." ~ Margaret C., Chef  Call us for more details and see one option now.