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As your hosts we believe details matter a great deal.


Wearing the other shoe, traveling as Guests, we know good surprises are key to a fulfilling and satisfying excursion.


We focus on a welcoming and comfortable travel experience for you. Our collective years of service and travel contribute to our ability to understand and provide a standard we believe you'll find comforting.

Reviews are one important measure of our Guests impressions. We rely on those as an important resource to continually tweak and sharpen our presentation and offers. 

Throughout our website we share as many details as we can think of about The Cooper's Inn facilities, location, people and cleanliness standards.

Tradition is the guiding light for us, both here at the Inn and in the rich historic nature of of the greater Shelburne, Nova Scotia community.

The Cooper's Inn is not a gracious estate type of home. It is a modest and typically humble dwelling as was generally the case in c1785-1800. It is comfortable and inviting.

When we say B&B or Bed and Breakfast we more often think of the beds. After all a good nights sleep is key to the whole vacation, getaway or common travel experience. We do replace our sleep sets regularly with just that in mind.

The other 'B' stands for Breakfast. In keeping tradition our Breakfast Menu reflects the type of cuisine you might have enjoyed while visiting Nova Scotia two or more centuries ago. Add a few contemporary twists along with a vastly local and healthy selection.

We're very conscious of allergies and always need to know what we can do you assure your safety and security in that regard. Gluten Free Guests love our menu. Vegetarian and Vegan dietary preferences are addressed as well. Please make sure we understand your allergies and dietary preferences in advance so we can optimize your experience.

The challenges our industry has faced were dramatic in 2020 and we anticipate in 2021again. With that in mind please give careful consideration to our 8 packages. You will find the very best bargains in our selection. It is most often about  the important element of Buying Local, By Local that is key.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia is a remarkable community and region and we feel very privileged to call it and The Cooper's Inn home. 

Rather than dwell on the details please check out the specifics below with your priorities in mind.


Thank you for taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our family at The Cooper's Inn. It is important that you'll be comfortable in your expectations. We sincerely want you feel at home with us and our Shelburne Community.

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Shelburne, NS Historic District