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About Your Hosts


After her first visit to Shelburne, NS in 2001, Pat knew she had found a community she wanted to call home.  With many years in the tourism and hospitality business under her belt,  The Cooper’s Inn B&B was purchased in 2005.


Over the years Pat has incorporated 21st century comforts while
maintaining the historical integrity of the building both inside and out.


Pat's travels have included many interesting destinations. Locales  include the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Senegal,  Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Hawaii, many areas of the USA and Canada and numerous Caribbean Islands. A love of travel and people continue through her eyes and experiences shared with guests from virtually every culture and corner of the world.


The gift of travel has been part of Pat's 'being' since she was a little girl. To walk where great poets, artists and builders lived and died; to breath in the countryside and taste the flavors of amazing local foods and wines...

Live. Learn. Experience. Most of all it's about people and cultures with similar and diverse interests and more.


David is a native of Nova Scotia and has experienced much of the New England area among other US regions, most Canadian provinces, some of the Caribbean and Brazil. Shared trips with Pat, including a month in Paris, Brussels and Bruge and an extended stay in Malta.


A farmers heart and a lifelong desire to learn and explore have taken him to nearly every corner of Nova Scotia and much of the Maritime Provinces Region. He loves to share experiences and meet people. Sharing his knowledge of Nova Scotia often proves helpful to guests that  simply want more local insight and often feel a desire to explore roads less traveled.


Both Pat and David are amazed by how frequently connections are  made between one of them and guests. Perhaps what may seem more exceptional are the connections that guests experience between one another. A daily social hour in the Garden at the Inn is often the catalyst that brings that communication to life.


Meeting and transitioning from casual acquaintances to parting as friends is frequently the outcome. Talk around the Breakfast Room often expands the travel experience and collective knowledge of our Guests.

Pat and David invite you to experience the comfortable ambience of The Cooper's Inn B&B, 'where history meets hospitality '  and  it's becomes hard to deny there is 'life beyond the ordinary '.

A visit to our blog may prove helpful in learning more.

Pat & David Chute
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