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"I’m re-inventing myself as a writer. I’m excited! I have a new boss. Moi! And I like her." ~ Sandra Phinney

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Do you have a pile of       fire starter too?        Sandra can help.

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"I attended one of Sandra’s two-day memoir workshops; she set the spark that got me excited about telling my own stories. That spark grew into a steady flame. My first memoir is going to be on bookstore shelves this year, and my second one is in the works. I have Sandra to thank for inspiring me. Sandra provides a good mix of teaching and experiential learning. She is supportive and encouraging and has a way of making participants feel comfortable in order to bring out their full potential." ~ Martha Vowles

All about MEMOIR

Overview: It's about exploring the realms of memoir. Whether you want to improve your journaling, write vignettes for your family, publish personal essays, or write a book, this workshop will springboard you into action.

Over the course of three days, you will learn where to begin and how to mine your memory for stories.

There will be ample time to have one-on-one time with workshop leader, Sandra Phinney (www.sandraphinney.com) as well as time to explore and enjoy the unique town of Shelburne.

Limited spaces are available.

  •  October 27 ~ 30, 2022 Sold Out

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"I had the pleasure of attending a memoir writing workshop given by Sandra and also attended one of her book launches. I can genuinely say that she is passionate about her craft! She also has a wealth of information that she is more than willing to share. I have learned so much from this inspiring woman." ~ Leanne Pierce Schneider

Shinrin-Yoku and Mindful Writing

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Overview: The Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku—or forest bathing—has many health benefits. It can also set us on a writing path that is enlightening, powerful, and fun! In this three-day workshop, you will learn how to tap into your creativity by spending time in nature. With new insights and inspiration, you will then transpose your thoughts/experience onto the page as poetry, prose, or short story. It’s all about being “mindful.” There also will be ample time to have a one-on-one mentoring session with Sandra Phinney, workshop leader (www.sandraphinney.com)—and time to explore the unique town of Shelburne.

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"What an incredible experience! Not only did I learn a tonne, but I made some new friends, too." ~ Lori Gallagher

13 Ways to take "WOW" Photos

Overview: If you’ve ever thought that you could take better photographs if you had a better camera, well, think again. It matters not whether you have a disposable camera, a point-and-shoot, a cellphone or an expensive DSLR—the key to taking great photos is all about COMPOSITION.

Over the course of three days, you will learn—and practice—how to take photographs that are pleasing to the eye, worthy of framing (or selling!) or that tell a story.
You’ll also have one-on-one time with the workshop leader, Sandra Phinney, (www.sandraphinney.com) and time to poke around Shelburne enjoying the region and taking photos!

Limited spaces are available.

  • October 20 ~ 23, 2022

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"Sandra Phinney’s enthusiasm for writing (and life in general) is both invigorating and motivating. Her interactive writing exercises are easy, fun, informative, and thought provoking. I’ve participated in two different workshops, and learned priceless techniques and writing tips. Sandra’s teaching style and knowledge are to be admired. She has been instrumental in boosting my writing to another level." ~ Heidi Levert

"Sandra has taught a number of in-person and online workshops for my organization [Canadian Freelance Guild], gathering nothing but rave reviews. She is very organized and imparts her wisdom and experience to participants in a manner guaranteed to leave them full of enthusiasm for forging ahead. Definitely delivers value for money!" ~ Don Genova

"When I started my first book 10 years ago Sandra provided me with counsel, critique, and cheerleading. She helped me find my creative voice and to stay focused through the process. Above all she listened and supported my ideas and efforts. ~ Ilonka Alexander

"Like many, I thought about writing a book—someday. Then I enrolled in one of Sandra Phinney’s workshops and the rest, as they say, is history. Her easy-to-learn methods (she is the best at bringing theory to practice), and her motivational handouts led me to actually write and publish my book, Pathway Through Loss.  This would never have happened without Sandra’s teachings." ~ Bertha Brannen

Bells and Whistles + Fine Print

Bells and Whistles:


All Inclusive price {see the Bells above}

Shared Room: $899/person

Individual Room: $1189

{Upgrade for Deluxe accommodation $210}

HST Extra.


Fine Print:

Workshops dates have been closed off in anticipation of your participation. You must contact us directly at 1-800-688-2011 to reserve your spot. A minimum of 6 participants in each workshop will assure it follows schedule. 3 weeks prior we will notify you the workshop status. A deposit of $100 will be processed at time of booking confirmation and the balance will be processed 10 days prior. Cancellations prior to the 3 week cutoff are fully refundable. Cancellations within the 3 weeks prior are non-refundable unless we're able to resell the spot on your behalf.

Note: Anyone that would like to have a non-participant share an accommodation please inquire for any additional costs.

Options: Would you like a Workshop dedicated to your group of 6 to 12 people? Contact us for available dates, potential themes and pricing.

Limited spaces available. Call Now: 1-800-688-2011


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