When Pigs Fly


“Crashing, pounding waves

engulfing the rocky shore,

leaving behind the shells of time

and going back for more”

~Patricia  Chute


The path less traveled, the adventure destination to ‘life beyond the ordinary’, the less touristy corner of the Southwest Nova Scotia Shore, or ‘when pigs fly’.


Do you need another or a ‘better’ reason for stepping into a new comfort zone or simply one that was previously unknown?


Perhaps you’re from Canada or another interesting international locale or….


…you’re among the estimated 80% of Nova Scotian’s that have never found your way to Shelburne on our beautiful and rugged Southwest Coastline? Did you know it’s even been called the ‘banana belt’ of the east?


Perhaps, ‘not so surprising’, Shelburne and County is only a short step away from that more ‘heavily beaten path’ and perhaps one that is closer to your 'heart'.


At The Cooper’s Inn B&B you’ll discover it’s easier to connect. Virtually every day from June into October we meet and greet guests from all parts of the world during our Social Hour (between 5PM and 6PM). Younger guests meet more ‘experienced’ guests; new guests meet returning guests; coming together as strangers and parting as friends. It’s surprising how often connections are and what can happen when we’re just a few steps away from the crowds.


New friends before dinner are old friends in the breakfast room the following mornings!


Are you feeling like the Captain, the Professor, Ginger or Gilligan? Or in more contemporary terms you want to add a ‘3 Hour Tour’ into the mix?

Share your Design ideas and we'll help put the pieces together. 


On the premise that anything worth doing is worth doing well. You’ll be the Executive Chefs.  What follows is a list of potential ingredients. All you have to do is tell us which ones you’d like to use, how much time you want to commit, what extra pieces (the herbs and spices) we can use to build the adventure. Then we’ll put it together. You won’t want to do this alone. Who’s going to believe you if you go Solo? (...we will, but we already know). And, just so you know, ‘Solo’ is an option.

  • A ‘Thing-a-ma-jig’ is a 2-day excursion for 2,             for the pounding waves.                                  Starts at $599.00

  • A ‘Do-hicky’ is a 3-day adventure for 2,                  for the sand and rocky shore                             Starts at $849.00

  • A ‘What-cha-ma-call-it’ is a 4-day extended weekend for 2.  (Any 4 days makes a weekend.)           Discover the shells of time.                               Starts at $1099.00

  • A ‘5-days to play’ for 2 will never happen unless you say, yes, 5-days.                                             Starts at $1299.00

  • And ‘When Pigs Fly’ is for days 6 days more (Add them onto the 2, 3, 4 or 5 day ‘adventure’ or simply make it 6 days away to recharge if you’d like).  Returning guests and guests that wanted to stay longer the first and second and third time always tell us they want more. The slower pace, away from the ‘race’ …’and going back for more’.                                    Starts at $1599.00

Must have ingredients:

  • Accommodation in The Coopers Inn B&B Cooperage, twin, queen or king

  • Full menu breakfasts each morning, 7:30-9 AM seating

  • Social Hour each day with treats and a beverage, 5PM-6PM

  • Deluxe Welcome Basket

  • Booking must be a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival with a Credit Card deposit of 50% of the package. Cancellation terms will vary subject to package selection. A minimum admin fee for set up $115. tax included will be applied to package at time of stay.

Potential ingredients:

  • Picnic Lunch/s (how many)

  • Inn-side accommodation upgrade, King or Queen

  • Inn-side room upgrade to The Harbour Suite, may accommodate up to 4 guests c/w 2 queen bed chambers

  • Boxing Rock Brewery Tour

  • Dock Street Museum passes

  • Black Heritage Centre passes

  • Shelburne County Exhibition

  • Founders Days

  • Whirligig & Weathervane Festival + Ukulele Festival

  • Kayak Festival

  • Charlotte Lane Eatery (closed Sundays and Mondays) Open Mother’s Day Weekend through to just before Christmas

  • Kayak rental/s on the Harbour

  • McNutt’s Island excursion by kayak

  • Hiking Island’s Park

  • Bird watching at The Hawk Park, self guided

  • Lunch time dining at Charlotte Lane (how many times?)

  • Evening dining at Charlotte Lane (how many visits?)

  • Pub Style dining at The Ship’s Galley (how many?)

  • Chinese Eat in/take out

  • A wellness excursion to Sound Beings

  • A Psychic reading

  • Hike Keji Seaside adjunct

  • Explore the Keji inland National Park

  • Ceramics class

  • Massages for 1 or 2

  • Lunch or dinner vouchers for The Seadog Saloon (how many?)

  • Farmers Market

  • Learn Belly Dancing

  • Clinics for Kayaking

  • A Guided Sea  Kayak adventure with overnighter/s

  • Bagpipe lessons

  • Make a CD: Record your story, music, comedy or poetry or ?

  • Honeymoon

  • BYOB: Bring your own bike and we’ll help guide on places to explore as day trips from the Inn

  • Fitness Centre Day Passes (how many?)

  • Genealogical Research for those Shelburne and Shelburne County Connections

  • Art Studio 138 and take a class (www.artstudio138.com)

  • Lunch at the Beandock (how many times?)

  • Songs at Sea Level Music Festival (tbc)

  • Lockeport Sea Derby

  • Lobster Festival

  • Shag Harbour UFO Festival

  • Guided Local Birding Adventure (Shelburne County/South Shore Region)

  • Photography Workshop

  • Explore the Beaches

  • Discover our Lighthouses

  • Go on a Whale Watch adventure

  • Explore the Acadian Village in Pubnico














Herbs and Spices:

You’ll have to tell us what these are for you.  They’ll add flavor and zest to your holiday.

  • Romance (you know how this ingredient works -you’ll find the atmosphere here)

  • Rhythm

  • Taste

  • Peace & Quiet

  • Flowers

  • Local Music

  • Calm

  • Intrigue

  • Fragrance of the Sea

  • Sails & Sunsets (sails are often seen, sunsets as Mother Nature chooses)

  • Shelburne Calm

  • Beauty

  • Hominess-It’s in the air

  • Wilderness and Waterways


Secret Ingredient/s:

  • If we told you…they wouldn’t be a secret. Once you have put your wish list together we’ll select a secret ingredient that complements your selection. Think of it as a wild card. Its dollar value will fluctuate depending on the rest of the offer or maximum dollar value that you determine. It is, in fact, a selection you choose to add to your list of ‘Potential Ingredients’.

  • An ingredient that will be your secret. Yup! ‘Will you marry me?’ We don’t want to intrude; yet, we do want to do anything possible to help in making the magic moments perfect.


Ask about customized packages. Inquire about larger groups of 8 or more and corporate/festive bookings for up to 18 guests. Planning a family reunion and looking for activities and lodging and more.  As you can see and imagine from the incomplete list of possibilities above, Shelburne has the potential of being a unique gathering venue. Bring your family in from all corners of the globe for all the right reasons.  Reconnect. Reflect. Reunite. Reignite.





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Local & International: 1.902.875.4656   

email: mail@thecoopersinn.com

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