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'Our Simple Life' ~ What's so Simple?

Our Simple Life

Greg likes to point out how our simple life contains a great deal of complexity. A trip to the grocery store, for instance, involves a crotchety ATV, a muddy rocky road, a cranky boat, sudden winds and iffy harbour crossings. And our simple life is not particularly an easy life. It sometimes requires a kind of physical hardiness most Nova Scotians take for granted. So maybe you could call it, instead, the direct life.

Take our food. We don't grow our own coffee or tea, milk, butter, cheese or eggs (yet). We buy flour and molasses and sugar and salt and oil, pasta and rice and lentils and potatoes. But nearly everything else we have is stuff we've made or grown or collected ourselves. We have shelves of jellies and jams and applesauce and chutneys, and a freezer full of beans and peas and beets and chard and turnip greens and wild raspberries, soups made with rutabaga and turnip and squash and carrot and cabbage, borscht, zucchini casseroles, parsley and walnut pesto, carrot top pesto, zucchini bread, and our adopted pig from a farm near Truro. Two kinds of winter squash sit curing on the kitchen shelf and sauerkraut sits pickling in an antique crock. Herbs from the summer garden -- thyme, mint, parsley, sage -- hang from an old oar in the breezeway.

All the vegetables come from our garden. Greg makes our granola with walnuts and dried apples from our trees. We eat chanterelles we've gathered from the forest, mussels harvested from rocks in the cove, lobsters dropped off by kind lobster-men on their way home from the sea, and haddock provided in the same way.


For several years Anne Yarbrough and her husband Greg Brown resided on Shelburne Harbour’s McNutt’s Island. During their years of residence Anne kept a journal of life and living on the Island.

Anne has very generously and graciously given us permission at The Cooper’s Inn to incorporate her writings from her blog in our Where History Meets Hospitality Blog. You’ll find many entertaining and informative articles in her blog. We’ll be featuring many of them in future posts. Certainly if you’re excited and curious to learn more sooner then please venture over to their blog site.

You can learn more about Anne on her About page. Anne and Greg are lifelong adventurers. They currently reside in Wilmington, Delaware. Their memories of Shelburne and its people, residents and visitors alike, still warm their hearts.

Anne shares ‘’I'm very happy to think that the blog can be recycled….’’

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