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Will Positively Sail

Front Page News on Thursday July 27, 1786

From: The Nova-Scotia Packet and General Advertiser 27 July 1786 Vol. 1 No. 65

“Will positively Sail on or before the first of August,

For London,

The Ship

Lord Middleton,

HENRY HUGILL, Commander;

She is a new vessel, sails very fast, and has excellent accommodations for passengers. For freight or passage apply to the Captain, at the Merchants Coffee-house, or to Mr. George Gracie.

*** Captain Hugill presents his most respectful compliments to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Shelburne, and as he has out up the Lord Middleton up for London, with a view of employing her as an annual ship for this port only, he earnestly entreats them to honour him with their commands, which will be attended to with the strictest punctuality, and all favours gratefully acknowledged.

June 8."


A note about reading this Front Page notice from the Packet: In most cases the letter ‘s’ was substituted with an ‘ f ‘’ so a present day reader might know what was being presented yet likely be inclined to stumble a bit over the message.

Mr. George Gracie was an amazing blind man, a merchant and a member of the Nova Scotia legislative assembly. He built the property, now known as The Cooper’s Inn. George Gracie represented the Commander of the Lord Middleton.

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