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The Port-Roseway Gazetteer and The Shelburne Advertiser

26 May 1785 Vol. 1 No. 30

....from Page 3

John Boyd,


At his Medicinal Store, in Water-Street,

Between John and Ann Streets

A Choice assortment of DRUGS and

MEDICINES; together with a

quantity of the most approved PATENT

MEDICINES, viz. James’s Powders,

Anderson’s Pills, Hooper’s Female Pills,

Bateman’s Pectoral Drops, British Oil, Tur-

lington’s Balsam, Essence of Pepper-

mint, Dassy’s Elixir, Corn Salve, &c.

---Also, Breast Pipes, compleat Tobacco

Machines, Elastic Trusses, Lancets,

Smelling Bottles, Sago Powder, Alum,

Honey, Tamarinds, Cinnamon, Mace,

Cloves, Nutmegs, Spanish Liquorice,

Essence of Lemons, Essence of Burga-

Mot, Court-Plaister, &c.

Family Prescriptions will be accurately

prepared, and Orders executed with Fi-

delity and Dispatch.

Such Families as may want ME-

DECINES, may have them at very low

Prices (*5 t.f.)

Explore archives that connect us to the past. The Black Loyalist Heritage Centre, Church archives, Genealogical Society, Pier 21, Shelburne Museums, Cemeteries and more. Resources may include individuals, local historically oriented books (visit the Whirligig Bookshop and the Shelburne Museum Gift Shop), regional native Mi'kmaq folklore and so much more.

Every inn has a story. Guests often relate their connections through the passages of time. We're honoured at The Cooper's Inn in the sharing ways of Guests from near and far.

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