Who Knew?

Street Well on a Shelburne Lane

Not trivial by any means. The thinking that ‘we are what we eat’ extends to how we live, in many ways, premonitions of how we come to live, how we live now and ultimately, how our children’s children will live in the future.

Rail fan: The railway extended along the South Shore to Yarmouth serving communities all along the way bringing animal feed, food and so much more. Transporting passengers was often part of the service. Did you know that prior to being taken over by Canadian National railways the line was known as ‘Halifax and South Western Railway’?

Nova Scotia has a rich (really …not so ‘rich’ Railway History). In my minds eye I can still see and feel the overwhelming impact of a big steam engine pulling into Caledonia in North Queens County. In reading about the evolution and De-evolution of Nova Scotia’s Railways there are elements of our history that I was simply unaware of and wish I’d somehow learned as part of my education. Learn more here or search The Railways of Nova Scotia archive database here. The old Shelburne Station is pictured below and the tracks were removed long ago as well.

Long before U2 rose to fame and glory there was another U. To be precise U-889 was a newly minted German U-Boat that surrendered at Shelburne in May 1945.

Gunter Lutzman was the wireless operator on the submarine. In 1952 he and his family immigrated to Canada and settled in the Orillia, Ontario area.

Babe Ruth of baseball fame visited Shelburne. During his visit he held met with Sheriff Mulhall, president of Liverpool Athletic Association. In Shelburne he met with Byron Nesbet, Captain of the Shelburne ball squad.

It’s generally accepted or at the least, speculated, that President Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Prime Minister Winston Churchill while on board the presidential yacht


‘Potomac’ while in Shelburne Harbour and or Yarmouth Harbour or perhaps while sailing from one location to the other.

The President visited Shag Harbor on his vacation yacht ‘Seanna’ on July 18.

The Honorable Robert Irwin of Shelburne served as Speaker of the House of Assembly and in 1937 he was appointed to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

Lobster Prices on February 27, 1936. Weather conditions dictated the catch. Price is now 40 cents per pound.

On Sunday April 15, 1923 the rules of the road changed. Driving on the LEFT was discontinued and driving on the RIGHT began. The Motor Vehicle Act slogan became; ‘Keep to the Right.’

The Shelburne Coast Guard featured in its June 21, 1928 edition the story of boats being shipped b