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A Visit to the Yellow Birch Tree

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A visit to the yellow birch tree

Along the main road, near the place where the osprey nest, is a stand of old yellow birch trees. The biggest of them sits apart. Its thick scarred roots spread out and sink down into a moss covered hillock that gives softly beneath your feet, so that you come near with care, as if approaching an ancient sacred place.

The trunk of this tree has been twisted by centuries of swirling wind and its bark is deeply creviced, almost black with age. A whole branch, itself as big as a mature tree, has grown far out from the main trunk and rests its weight on the ground, slowly undulating away in the direction of the cove. The tree wears the calamities of age. Yet as hollow and ravaged and scarred as it is, it is deeply alive even in winter, dappled and pied with lichen and moss, home to innumerable insects and small burrowing creatures. It is thought to be the largest and oldest yellow birch tree in Nova Scotia. But no matter: it is a wonder just in itself.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scenes from McNutt's Island


For several years Anne Yarbrough and her husband Greg Brown resided on Shelburne Harbour’s McNutt’s Island. During their years of residence Anne kept a journal of life and living on the Island.

Anne has very generously and graciously given us permission at The Cooper’s Inn to incorporate her writings from her blog in our Where History Meets Hospitality Blog. You’ll find many entertaining and informative articles in her blog. We’ll be featuring many of them in future posts. Certainly if you’re excited and curious to learn more sooner then please venture over to their blog site.

You can learn more about Anne on her About. Anne and Greg are lifelong adventurers. They currently reside in Wilmington, Delaware. Their memories of Shelburne and its people, residents and visitors alike, still warm their hearts. Anne shares ‘’I'm very happy to think that the blog can be recycled….’’

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