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UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve

There are numerous accommodations within the Biosphere area that you could use as a base for your adventure. Please consider The Cooper's Inn as a stop along the way. We'd be pleased to assist you in learning more. Dark Skies at Indian Fields Provincial Reserve may delight your desire to explore the universe? Shelburne and Shelburne Harbour have an interesting history and historic significance.

You've watched the introductory video and perhaps know more about the amazing reality that surrounds us in Western Nova Scotia. The Biosphere Reserve encompasses the 5 western counties of Nova Scotia. The Counties of Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne and Queens are all included in the big picture. That's approximately 25% of all of Nova Scotia. This is the 2nd largest such reserve in Canada and Nova Scotia is Canada's 2nd smallest province.

Please continue your journey in learning more about the Southwest Nova Biosphere here.

If you'd like to continue your discovery with the mobile app. Please continue here.

Tobeatic Canoe Routes Map Link Here


Nature: Species at risk. Link here.


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