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Port Roseway Harbour ' lucky enough'

Please take a cyber journey to the Nova Scotia archives to access more detailed information about our treasured Shelburne Harbour as seen yesterday, a good many yesterdays ago, as it happens. This map was printed in July of 1798.

The numbers represent the varying harbour depths in fathoms.

1 Fathom = 6 feet or 1 Fathom = 1.8288 meters. McNutt's Island, shown as Rofeneath Ifland ('f's' are s' Roseneath Island to us aka McNutt's Island). The East side or Right side of the Island is the beginning and shipping waterway into the Harbour. From the south end (bottom) of Roseneath Island to the mouth of the Roseway River at the top of the map it is approximately 9 Nautical mile or 10.3 miles or 16.7 kilometers.

The Harbour's central navigable channel from the Island to a spot roughly in front of The Cooper's Inn is consistently 5.5 to 8.5 fathoms deep (33' to 51' or 10 to 15.5 meters). Just north of the Inn (toward the Roseway River mouth) it becomes more shallow. The channel is quite clear within a cables length (608' or 185.3 meters) of shore. Obviously marine charts show this more accurately and with today's technology there is amazing ease in navigating this wonderful harbour.

Some of us lack those salt water genes others are blessed with. Nevertheless its an easy observation to see how well protected the harbour is. Shelburne Harbour is situated pretty much South to North. Shelburne Town is far enough inland that it enjoys 'good-humored' weather and something of a micro-climate. While bananas aren't found in the local gardens (except those picked at the grocery) there is a longer moderate season than in most areas of Nova Scotia and Canada's East. Think of the British Columbia Coast with less rain.

Occasionally you'll see a posted message on The Cooper's Inn' street-side sandwich-board. Though the author is unknown each of us can appreciate 'to be lucky enough to live by the sea, is lucky enough.'

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