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Art is Looming with the Dancing Dragonfly

Raw Washed Wool. Dyed and Natural Yarns Crafted on the Loom

Lots of things in Shelburne are good. Some things are ‘way good’.

Sandi Waygood is representative of the latter. Talent. She’s so very versatile and accomplished. From woodcarvings to sun catchers, soaps to creams, metal designs to spinning and weaving, the list continues.

Some folks love to create their next meal based on what’s in the refrigerator in the moment. Once the potential ingredients are viewed an impromptu recipe comes to mind. And the results are often amazing. Are you a kindred spirit? Sandi has that gene.

With the successes one might expect an equal or greater number of failures. Practice and experience often trumps this ratio in favour of winning designs. Let it be known, Sandi is well practiced.

The feel of the material, the colors, material availability and more; all of it contributes to the ultimate design and outcome.

This is one story in the legacy of things ‘waygood’.

Take a look at the finished result.

Now lets go back to the source of her inspiration. This particular wrap includes Alpaca fibre, Romney wool, acrylic embellishments and more. Raw fibres are farm sourced and may come to Sandi as either raw product or finished skeins.

In this case the greys are natural in colour. With the exception of the acrylics, Sandi dyed the other colours. She spins much of the wool in preparation for the actual weaving.

Less easily measured is the time it takes to visualize, choose the colour mix, size and spin the finished product. Add the designer pin that clasps it in place once wrapped over your shoulders and you have a more complete picture.

This particular wrap took well over 60 hours to create. Sandi creates with love and affection. There is a drive to please that is only accomplished with the combination of her personal satisfaction with her artistry and then making it available to that special someone who appreciates that the labours of love are about far more than dollars.

Sandi’s creativity is displayed at The Cooper’s Inn with her personal label, Dancing Dragonfly. Material instructions, cleaning advise and more are included with each piece.

Sandi has a number of looms and wheels. Her energy exhausts mere humans. Her creativity is one we all cherish and admire.

See more of Sandi's story below....

Born in rural Southwestern Ontario and raised on a dairy farm, Sandi moved to Alberta in her early twenties. After a career of approximately 30 years in the financial services industry, holding various positions from Bank Teller, Branch Manager and Manager of Human Resource Development with a major Canadian Bank, Sandi retired and undertook more artistic endeavors eventually moving to Nova Scotia in 2008. She and her husband enjoy traveling in the USA and Europe with their two Dachshunds. Sandi has developed her own style and expertise in pursuit of many creative undertakings including gardening, toll painting, oil and watercolor painting, woodwork, wood carving, spinning and weaving primarily wool, while experimenting with other natural items such as silk. All woven products are handmade and unique. Wool from various kinds of animals is washed and dyed by hand, using permanent coloring, then hand spun by Sandi on her spinning wheels and woven with patterns developed by Sandi on her Looms. The matching pins are also hand made by Sandi to perfectly enhance the stylish flare of the shawls.


See many examples of Sandi's artistic talent for sale at The Cooper's Inn B&B. Including wraps, hand crafted wrap pins, felted soaps, assorted felted crafts and more.

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