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Here's the Plan

The true copy of 1784 Plan of the Town of Shelburne by Geoffrey Stead, C.E., 1894, shows divisions and lots.

Learn more and see it up close on the NS Archives site. Link here.

In this early map of Shelburne our beloved Dock Street (now Historic District) isn't apparent. When you visit the expandable map on the archives site you'll be able to follow King Street to the harbour front and more clearly see the various lanes extending to the Harbour from Water Street.

The Cooper's Inn is situated at the bottom of Mason Lane on the right side facing. The Beandock is on the corner of John Street. Tottie's Crafts is on the corner of Charlotte Lane. Cox's Warehouse and Shelburne Museums are on opposite corners of Maiden Lane.

The front Cox's Warehouse is on Ann Street. Look up the Lane and see one of the original communal wells. Reportedly there was a well of this style on each Lane at one point in time.

On the corner George Street you'll see the Sailing School and beyond it the Osprey Arts Centre and the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club and Marina.

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