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Where's the Corner Pocket Alex?

Chalk up your cues folks. There's a less seen corner of Nova Scotia. The game isn't complete until the '8' ball is in the corner pocket...right? And there's a corner pocket you may have missed.

In some ways life can be likened to game shows like Jeopardy!

I was reading a blog this afternoon by a impressive travel blogger. She had gone on a 'foodies adventure' of Nova Scotia. Great article but not without disappointment. She had visited our Emerald Gem, Cape Breton, Historic Sherbrooke Village and the Eastern Shore, our Amazing City of Halifax, World Famous Digby for its' Scallops and quaint Annapolis Royal and our beloved Annapolis Valley.

Hopefully it was just a matter of there not being time to travel the South Shore. She missed the opportunity to explore our rugged coastline with its amazing beaches, experience Acadian Culture, perhaps get up close to a whale, or find the 'calm'. It takes time to absorb it all. If you know the feeling then I'd guess you've had an extended visit to Shelburne and Shelburne County.

Yes, there's the cuisine to experience as well.

Lots of people, including Nova Scotians have found their way to Lunenburg and perhaps the Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site; even the Seaside Adjunct. Few have explored the area between Liverpool and DIgby across the province. Far fewer have visited Liverpool to Yarmouth and particularly Shelburne County and its communities.

As a friend once said 'for every mile of road there's 2 miles of ditches'. It's the same here in Southwest Nova Scotia. It's well worth the trip but don't rush along those'll miss far too much. Dark Skies for easier viewing of the Universe, UNESCO Southwest Nova Scotia Biosphere Reserve (2nd largest such reserve in Canada), a unique moderate climate that is unlike any other in Nova Scotia, the sea in its many splendours, our fishing hub, Sailing and Kayaking and venturing to the inner core by canoe and,of course, the food.

Festivals and events always seem to be on one community calendar or another. From Lobster Festivals to Music Events, Loyalist re-enactments to Whirligig clinics, bird watching along the migratory pathways to artistic pursuits and explorations; the opportunities seem endless.

Yes, not to be repetitive, the food, from traditional rappi-pie to lobsters pulled from the trap, then to the pot and then to your plate. Build an appetite biking or walking, on or near the water and bring it with you to your favorite style of eatery. We'll be happy to share suggestions.

Under the Category, Nova Scotia. For $1000 Alex. 'After Sydney, Australia and Havana, Cuba, it's often accepted as home to the 3rd ranked Natural Harbour in the World'.

If you know the answer push the button now. If you don't have that answer at the tip of your tongue we'll be happy to show it to you.

Hint: It can be viewed from every guest accommodation at The Cooper's Inn B&B.

Below: Shelburne Harbour View c1905. ~ Nova Scotia archives

Shelburne Harbour View c1905 ~ Nova Scotia archives


Google Maps rendering of Shelburne Harbour. Shelburne Town is located at the north end of the Harbour. The bottom of McNutt's island is at the South end of the Harbour. It is approximately 10 miles or 16 kilometers long. The Course for ships entering the harbour is to the right or east of McNutt's Island. West of McNutt's Island the waterway is very shallow and unsafe for more than very small water craft.

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