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Shelburne's Secret Weapon

You'll meet Hazel at the Shelburne Visitor Information Centre on Historic Dock Street. Situated at the beginning of Dock Street you'll enjoy a view of Shelburne's Inner Harbour with the Sandy Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse appears to be close to the centre of a passage into the inner harbour. Learn how close it is to shore and how you might actually walk to it at low tide. Or the 'legend of boxing rock'; what's coming up at the Osprey Arts Centre or how incredible Shelburne Harbour truly is.


''Visitor Information Centre The Town's Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is located at 43 Dock Street in Shelburne. The Centre is open from mid-May to mid-October. VIC staff can provide information on local attractions and events, update you on last minute information and provide suggestions for short and long-term stays. Contact Phone: 902-876-4547 Email:''


Each morning after breakfast is served we make a call to the Visitor Centre to let them know if we have any rooms available for that day. Often the voice we hear is Hazel's. She's been that voice for a long time. When we make the call we can look out our Mason Lane parlor window and see who's walking over to pick up their phone. It's just a couple hundred feet from the Inn.

...can almost see who's waving... {picture taken from window of the Tourist Information Centre with The Coopers Inn (centre left) }

If the Inn has availability Hazel is better prepared to share that information with potential guests in Shelburne that evening. Other local accommodations do the same and become part of the options list for that day.

Hazel is one of those thoughtful people who goes the extra mile to be in the know. She spends a great deal of her 'off' time and 'out of season' time learning about all things local and just as significantly, a great deal about Nova Scotia and Western Nova Scotia in particular.

Good ambassadors care about their vocation and in this case, your Vacation and Business Travelers leisure time. Hazel is, quite simply, a great ambassador.

In sharing information and rack cards at numerous locations we meet many front line people in the visitor knowledge business. Few, if any, are as remarkably prepared and beyond encyclopedic as our very own Hazel.

As Inn Keepers and Accommodation Operators, as well as Visitor Centre Hosts it does make a difference when Guests can readily see and feel our enthusiasm when sharing the nuances of our communities. Hazel 'bubbles' with enthusiasm. Shelburne and Nova Scotia, for that matter, is very fortunate to have her sharing her Magic.

Guess the secret's out. We won't tell.

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