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Shore Thing ~ Shelburne Style
It all starts in Nova Scotia's Shelburne County.
Pack your Imagination. Pick your Toys from The Cooper's 'trunk'.

                  “Games are nature's most beautiful creation” ~ Leonard Cohen


It's a Shore Thing!  You'll arrive at The Cooper's Inn B&B in Shelburne, NS on the shore of world renowned Shelburne Harbour. 4 Nights and Days to Play .... Your Way.                            You can even extend your stay and Add a Day!

Tell your friends that you had to stay for the races. Yes, quite remarkably, Shelburne's daily Submarine Races are only witnessed by Guests during The Cooper's Inn Social Hour.

Check in before 5PM. Social Hour in the Garden runs from 5 to 6 PM ... with good weather conditions ~ anticipated.

Social Hour is a great way to connect with other Guests, your Hosts, Community insights and often much more. It's a unique opportunity to settle  into the 'calming' experience so often celebrated in Nova Scotia's historic Shelburne Town and County.

After Social Hour you'll likely wander along Dock Street to take in the views and perhaps decide on an eatery for your evening meal.

Sunsets are remarkable here. Full moons are stunning. Capture the  Clouds if the weather dictates. Keep your camera nearby.

Place your breakfast order before 8 this evening. Will your breakfast appetizer be an early morning stroll?                  Breakfast dining is simply the beginning of tomorrow's fun....


Right after breakfast a Shore Thing is a trip to one or more of Shelburne County's  local beaches.


Your Cooper's Picnic will be packed for the occasion. {it's part of the package}. You'll need to keep hydrated and energized.

For the kid in you there's a Kite packed with your assembly required...just a fair beach breeze and you'll be up, up and away.  A day to dream and play.

When your Kite needs a rest  take in your Taproom Experience at Boxing Rock Brewing Company.

....taste the differences..

Back Picture.jpg

Taproom Experiences are available at 2, 3 and 4 PM, and  advance booking is required.  Linger after 5PM and you may miss the Submarine Races at the Inn.

Today's Submarine Race, aka Social Hour, is simply the warm up for your evening's activities. Will a  Kayak Tour on the Harbour be part of your plan? Watch for those submarines...

The 'calming' you feel can't be purchased. Dinner and Sunset experiences rarely disappoint.

Yes, your daily plans are flexible. It is Your Getaway.

It's a new day and a new breakfast. Will you replay yesterday or ...


...take an excursion to the local Dock Street Museums, a Self or Guided Walking Tour of the Historic District or a trip to the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre.

No one's keeping score. You decide the 'more'...


Lunch time pleasure can be any number of treasures. Galley Menu Options may come into play.

The weather rarely dictates a missed Social Hour,

... the Submarine Races happen every day. {Really. Would we kid you?} Come early to observe the warm up laps.


Reward yourself with a special meal today. Lobster Boil, Fine or  Casual Feast,

or use one of those extra vouchers from when you chose to stay another day....

Today's Social Hour is simply one option.

Plans can be  quite flexible.


Will this be the time for a walk in the Park? Islands Park is just across from the inn and affords great Town views too.


Will you shift gears into 'relaxation' mode right away? Some of us  take a little longer.

Camera in your Hand. Yes

Phone placed back on the Night Stand or stowed in the Dashboard. Yes

or camera phone Yes.

Ringer on Silent. Yes


Sometimes we really have to 'disconnect' before we 'reconnect'. Shelburne Town and County are often the most effective prescription, combining for mind and body therapy.                    


Petangue... Beach rematch?

Today may be a hiking or biking day. Did you bring your bikes?

Wander at will or choose from a number of  routes. Low to moderately challenging has a good sound to it. If you're cycling, don't forget your helmets.

Time for a reading, fortunes told for you... A session of Sound Therapy is good for the soul too. Have you never been Gonged? Yes, its a thing here. Tis the time for something New!

Everybody gets bragging rights at The Cooper's Inn. Captain your Sub, wherever you please.

Don't forget....             IS Your Getaway.

Boxing Rock Taster.jpg

Shore Thing ~ Shelburne Style

It all starts in Nova Scotia's Shelburne County. Pack your Imagination. Pick your Toys from The Cooper's 'trunk'.

        "We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw

What's Included:

You might win all the Marbles.
  • 4 Nights Accommodation at The Cooper's Inn 

  • 4 Breakfasts for 2 from our Menu

  • Social Hour in the Garden each day (weather permitting)

  • Submarine Races (will your ship come in?)

  • 1 Fabric Kite ( yours to keep )

  • 1 Petanque Set for 2 (Borrow for your Beach Day)

  • 1 Cooper's Picnic for 2

  • Choose 4 Options (2 Solo) from the Options Menu

  • 3 Options from the Options Galley Menu below

      Packages: Solo $819 - $1049 ~ Couples $969 - $1199

               Let the Races Begin

Options Galley Menu ~ Each Voucher has a $50 Value



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