Seas the Moments


                                    Discover the Calm

       'To be lucky enough to live by the sea is lucky enough.'


On any any given day there's freedom to comb our beaches during refreshing walks, search for common and elusive birds, watch and photograph nature's amazing simplicity, breathe in tastes and fragrances, hike and bike and so much more.




You've chosen to relax simply. Now you know you're in the right place, in the calming comfort of rural life.


It's about experiencing 'life beyond the ordinary.'


Seize the moments with a 'Bucket' of Inn-Centives.


  1. Charlotte Lane Cafe & Gift Shop

  2. Ship's Galley

  3. Sea Dog Saloon

  4. Boxing Rock Tap Room

  5. BeanDock Coffee and Collectibles

  6. Candlebox Kayaking

  7. Totties Crafts

  8. Borrow My Boards: Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

  9. Kayak and or Bicycle Rentals

  10. Irving Fuel Card

  11. Shelburne Barrel Factory ~ A Bucket for Your List

  12. Nova Scotia Museums Adult Pass (requires 2 for 2 Adults or Family Pass & includes Shelburne Museum)


For each night's stay (4 night minimum) at The Cooper's Inn you'll choose an Inn-Centive from The Cooper's Bucket List.


Yes, that's one selection per day of stay. (4 nights - 4 selections, 5 nights - 5 selections) Each selection has a $50. value.

                   May not be combined with other offers.

"We enjoyed our stay immensely. Wonderful breakfasts, especially for anyone with dietary issues. David and Pat are excellent hosts - very congenial, professional, helpful, and pleasant. No higher comment than to say we will be coming back. Thank you. Pierre and Corinne Hoebers" September 2020

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Local & International: 1.902.875.4656   


36 Dock Street                                                         Shelburne, Nova Scotia, B0T 1W0

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