Good Morning!

For starters, enjoy...

Inn-spired Juice ... we call it 'Shelburne Sunrise'

...Warm Fresh Baked Cooper's Inn Muffins {dairy free, nut free, gluten free}


... and for Today's Breakfast ...


 The Cooper's Inn Blend Certified Organic Coffee

Laughing Whale Organic Decaffeinated Coffee

Hot Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Assorted Teas


Cold Starters

Whipped Yogurt with a drizzle of Organic Maple Syrup

Homemade Granola GF (contains coconut and sliced almonds)

Organic Cereal GF


Hot Selections

 Oatmeal GF ...add raisins, dry cranberries, sliced almonds topping?

Eggs: Scrambled & garnished with fresh chives

or choose boiled, fried or poached

Maple Strip Bacon or Breakfast Sausage or Back Bacon GF

The Cooper's Inn-style French Toast GFO

 Pancakes GF  ....add blueberries or banana?

 The Cooper's Inn Fish Cake/s GF Chow Chow, Poached egg/s?

Toast: Ancient Grains or Healthy White or Gluten Free WW option

Inn-Home-made Webster's Baked Beans GF (meat free)

Sweet Potato Sliders with a garnish of fresh sprouts  GF


....and The Cooper's Inn-spired Toasted Ancient Grain Breakfast Bun GFO

Select your ingredients: Maple Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Tomato, Chives,

Smoked  Cheddar or Old Cheddar 

Please advise us of any food allergies.


Gluten Free is denoted: GF

Gluten Free Option Available is denoted: GFO


Do you require gluten free or vegetarian, dairy free or other options? Please let us know and we'll accommodate as best we're able.

All plates include a gentle side of Inn-spired Fruit Salsa.


At The Cooper's Inn we strongly believe in serving Local and Fresh. While this isn't always feasible we do make an extra effort. Organic products are often part of the menu.

Pork products from Meadowbrook Farm and Meat Market ~ Flour, oatmeal and muffin ingredients from Valley Kitchens ~ Fresh fruit from various Nova Scotia sources ~ Beans for baking from Webster Farms ~ Organic maple syrup from Hutchinson's Acres ~ Butter from Nova Scotia Farms ~ Laughing Whale Certified Organic, Artisan Coffees ~ Nova Scotia produced eggs ~  Local salt fish ~ Local wildflower Natural honey....         

Thank you to SASI Works* Inn-spired Ancient Grains and Healthy Breads


...bon appetite...


...when it's on your plate it's edible...Yes the pretty flowers from our      Garden at The Cooper's Inn taste good too!


Please advise us of any food allergies.






     ''What a gorgeous spot. We so enjoyed strolling your town, the spectacular sunset, our cozy room and tasty breakfast.''

                                                                                                   Larry & Barbara L

                      Vandalia, IL, USA

''What a wonderful place! Comfortable beds, fabulous food! Thank you. We loved our stay''

                                                                                                       Louisa & Chris T

                         Ottawa, Ontario

Toll Free Canada & USA: 1.800.688.2011    

Local & International: 1.902.875.4656   


36 Dock Street                                                         Shelburne, Nova Scotia, B0T 1W0

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