Good Morning!

Inn-spire your taste buds ~ Served to all Guests:

  'Shelburne Sunrise' ~ Inn-spired Layers of Cranberry & Orange Juice

Fresh baked ~ Cooper's Inn Muffins: Gluten, Dairy, Nut Free


 Cooper's Inn Blend Certified Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

Laughing Whale Certified Organic Decaffeinated Coffee

Certified Organic Cafe Mocha, Hot Chocolate

Black Tea ~ Orange Pekoe Regular & Decaf, Earl Grey, English Breakfast

Herbal Tea ~ Chamomile, Mint, Chai, Lemon Ginger, Fennel, Green


Cold Items

Whipped Yogurt with a sprinkle of Organic Maple Flakes GF

Homemade Granola GF (contains coconut and almonds)


Hot Items

Oatmeal GF...add raisins or top with toasted sliced almonds

Eggs: Scrambled & garnished with fresh chives

or choose boiled or fried or poached eggs

Thick Slice Maple Bacon or Breakfast Sausage or Cottage Bacon GF

The Cooper's Inn-style French Toast: Ancient Grains with Fruit  GFO

Old Fashioned Hearty Pancakes GF... add Nova Scotia Blueberries

The Cooper's Inn Cod Cake/s GF Plus Poached Egg/s, Green Tomato Chow

Corned Beef Cake/s GF Plus Poached Egg/s, Side of Mustard Pickles

Toast: Ancient Grains, Brown, White or Gluten Free Bread

 Baked Beans, home-made in the Inn's Kitchen GF (meat free)


The Cooper's Inn-spired Breakfast Sandwich

 Choose from: Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Chives, Old Cheddar or Smoked Cheddar on Ancient Grain, Brown, White or Gluten Free Bread


Plates are dressed with Inn-spired home made Apple Sauce

                        Gluten Free: GF   ~  Gluten Free Option: GFO


Please advise us of any food allergies.

 The Cooper’s Inn Bed & Breakfast

In keeping with Nova Scotian Traditions, much of our selection reflects variations of what might have been on your plate 2 or more centuries past.

Do you require gluten free or vegetarian, dairy free or other options?     Please let us know and we'll accommodate as best we're able.

At The Cooper's Inn serving Local and Fresh is our 1st choice. Though not always feasible we do make an extra effort. We choose organic when we can.

​Happily there are many Local Nova Scotia sources

Pork and Corned beef products ~ Meadowbrook Farm                             Flour and muffin ingredients ~ Valley Kitchens                                         Sauce Apples, Spray free ~ Suprima Farms                                                Fresh fruit from Nova Scotia sources when available                                Beans for baking ~ Webster Farms                                                               Maple Syrup and Infusions, Certified Organic ~ Hutchinson's Acres              Butter from Nova Scotia creameries                                                        Laughing Whale Certified Organic and Fair Trade Coffees                           Local Free Range  Eggs                                                                                    Preserves  ~  HardyWares                                                                              Salt-Cod ~ Emery Smith Fisheries                                                            Breads from SASI Works                                                                                Lothar's Local Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey

...bon appetite...


          ...when it's on your plate it's edible.                                                    ..Yes the pretty flowers from our Cooper's Inn garden taste good too!



Please advise us of any food allergies.






Toll Free Canada & USA: 1.800.688.2011    

Local & International: 1.902.875.4656   


36 Dock Street                                                         Shelburne, Nova Scotia, B0T 1W0

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