The Port-Roseway Gazetteer and The Shelburne Advertiser 26 May 1785 Vol. 1 No. 30 ....from Page 3 John Boyd, HAS FOR SALE, At his Medicinal Store, in Water-Street, Between John and Ann Streets A Choice assortment of DRUGS and MEDICINES; together with a quantity of the most approved PATENT MEDICINES, viz. James’s Powders, Anderson’s Pills, Hooper’s Female Pills, Bateman’s Pectoral Drops, British Oil, Tur- lington’s Balsam, Essence of Pepper- mint, Dassy’s Elixir, Corn Salve, &c. ---Also, Breast Pipes, compleat Tobacco Machines, Elastic Trusses, Lancets, Smelling Bottles, Sago Powder, Alum, Honey, Tamarinds, Cinnamon, Mace, Cloves, Nutmegs, Spanish Liquorice, Essence of Lemons, Essence of Burg

Getting Ready for Lobster season

Original Post: November 23, 2010 At Fort Point Fisheries in Gunning Cove, everybody has been getting ready for the lobster season for weeks. Now they are putting the finishing touches on their work. Next Monday is dumping day, also called setting day. That's the beginning of the lobster season for Lobster Fishing Area 33, which is this one. The traps are either already loaded onto the boats, or about to be. A lobster license entitles the holder to set 250 traps. All those traps will be set next Monday, beginning at 7:00 a.m., if the weather is okay. The word from Environment Canada is that it will be windy. Randy Van Buskirk is helping load his brother Cody's boat. I suppose Cody will return

Where History Meets Hospitality is a blog about all things Nova Scotian with significant focus on Shelburne & Shelburne County Areas of Nova Scotia's South Western Shore.

Learn about the history, the people and the synergies that make this place we call home...'home'. Sometimes it will be for too short visits. Other times it may be something more extended.

Our readers are invited to comment and add ideas and observations or perhaps be a guest contributor.

Noting points of special interests, activities and events, people, food, music...the list goes on.

And perhaps you'll help us understand and explain the synergies that often contribute to the 'Calm' each of our lives  hopefully knows and appreciates.

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