Art is Looming with the Dancing Dragonfly

Raw Washed Wool. Dyed and Natural Yarns Crafted on the Loom Lots of things in Shelburne are good. Some things are ‘way good’. Sandi Waygood is representative of the latter. Talent. She’s so very versatile and accomplished. From woodcarvings to sun catchers, soaps to creams, metal designs to spinning and weaving, the list continues. Some folks love to create their next meal based on what’s in the refrigerator in the moment. Once the potential ingredients are viewed an impromptu recipe comes to mind. And the results are often amazing. Are you a kindred spirit? Sandi has that gene. With the successes one might expect an equal or greater number of failures. Pra

Your Time to get Off the Beaten Track?

David Suzuki's tagline on his newsletters is 'Solutions are in our Nature'. This piece reflects and in some ways summarizes one of his past newsletter's theme. It won't be long before 70% of our population will be living in urban areas as opposed to our natural environment in nature. Rural life is being abandoned faster than the proverbial 'speeding bullet'. Urbanization generally has the added characteristics of faster, more stressful living in a more challenging environment. Mental health issues like anxiety and mood disorders are more prevalent in urban living. Each of us can bear witness to the large number of people that want to return to their roots. It's an opportunity to live the li

McNutt's Island Hotel...a delightful spot

Thursday, November 25, 2010 a delightful spot People who lived on the island, and their friends and relatives, would have their own ways of getting across the harbour back then just as they do now. So this notice was directed at potential tourists -- guests -- who would stay at the island's hotel. It's intriguing to wonder who would have visited back then, and why they came. I imagine they came to see the lighthouse, or just for the adventure of visiting an offshore island. At any rate, the McNutt's Island Hotel & Excursion Company could promise them a few days in a delightful spot. And even in the old days, before cell phones, there were clever ways to communicate. Thanks to Kim Robertson W

Where History Meets Hospitality

Experience life beyond the ordinary. Embrace a way of life many of us miss without being consciously aware. The roads more traveled can be more complex and distracting than we recognize. ‘Calm’ needs to be experienced in order to appreciate its impact and value. When you’re in the middle of the faster lane, it may not be obvious until you’ve moved into and experienced the slower lane. The working title for this Blog was 'Shelburne Travel . Calm.' Shelburne does have that effect even though titles change. In the Shelburne Region of Nova Scotia you have the opportunity to experience ‘life beyond the ordinary’! It’s generally very calm and calming. ‘Life beyond the ordinary’ includes all types

Here's the Plan

The true copy of 1784 Plan of the Town of Shelburne by Geoffrey Stead, C.E., 1894, shows divisions and lots. Learn more and see it up close on the NS Archives site. Link here. In this early map of Shelburne our beloved Dock Street (now Historic District) isn't apparent. When you visit the expandable map on the archives site you'll be able to follow King Street to the harbour front and more clearly see the various lanes extending to the Harbour from Water Street. The Cooper's Inn is situated at the bottom of Mason Lane on the right side facing. The Beandock is on the corner of John Street. Tottie's Crafts is on the corner of Charlotte Lane. Cox's Warehouse and Shelburne Museums are on opposi

Where History Meets Hospitality is a blog about all things Nova Scotian with significant focus on Shelburne & Shelburne County Areas of Nova Scotia's South Western Shore.

Learn about the history, the people and the synergies that make this place we call home...'home'. Sometimes it will be for too short visits. Other times it may be something more extended.

Our readers are invited to comment and add ideas and observations or perhaps be a guest contributor.

Noting points of special interests, activities and events, people, food, music...the list goes on.

And perhaps you'll help us understand and explain the synergies that often contribute to the 'Calm' each of our lives  hopefully knows and appreciates.

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