Where's the Corner Pocket Alex?

Chalk up your cues folks. There's a less seen corner of Nova Scotia. The game isn't complete until the '8' ball is in the corner pocket...right? And there's a corner pocket you may have missed. In some ways life can be likened to game shows like Jeopardy! I was reading a blog this afternoon by a impressive travel blogger. She had gone on a 'foodies adventure' of Nova Scotia. Great article but not without disappointment. She had visited our Emerald Gem, Cape Breton, Historic Sherbrooke Village and the Eastern Shore, our Amazing City of Halifax, World Famous Digby for its' Scallops and quaint Annapolis Royal and our beloved Annapolis Valley. Hopefully it was just a matter of there not being t

Shelburne's Secret Weapon

You'll meet Hazel at the Shelburne Visitor Information Centre on Historic Dock Street. Situated at the beginning of Dock Street you'll enjoy a view of Shelburne's Inner Harbour with the Sandy Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse appears to be close to the centre of a passage into the inner harbour. Learn how close it is to shore and how you might actually walk to it at low tide. Or the 'legend of boxing rock'; what's coming up at the Osprey Arts Centre or how incredible Shelburne Harbour truly is. ''Visitor Information Centre The Town's Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is located at 43 Dock Street in Shelburne. The Centre is open from mid-May to mid-October. VIC staff can provide information on

Where History Meets Hospitality is a blog about all things Nova Scotian with significant focus on Shelburne & Shelburne County Areas of Nova Scotia's South Western Shore.

Learn about the history, the people and the synergies that make this place we call home...'home'. Sometimes it will be for too short visits. Other times it may be something more extended.

Our readers are invited to comment and add ideas and observations or perhaps be a guest contributor.

Noting points of special interests, activities and events, people, food, music...the list goes on.

And perhaps you'll help us understand and explain the synergies that often contribute to the 'Calm' each of our lives  hopefully knows and appreciates.

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